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Our Team

Nondas Gaveras

I earned a degree in Process Engineering from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. After working as a site engineer for a contractor in Berlin, I returned to Greece to establish my own engineering and trading company. In 1999, I co-founded a company to design, develop, and implement Renewable Energy Projects. This endeavor was successful, leading to a partnership with EDF Energie Nouvelles. Our partnership resulted in the installation of approximately 100 MW of Wind Farms and Photovoltaic Stations. We also designed and developed an additional 700 MW to be implemented in the future. In 2007, I founded CONVIN SA with Antonia Alexandrou. After 14 successful years in the field of renewable energy, I decided in 2013 to fully dedicate myself to the development and evolution of CONVIN. I aimed to expand into the international market while being responsible for technology and finance. In 2018, witnessing the growth of CONVIN, I co-created the hARt Lab brand. Together with Nikos and Kostas, we decided to design and construct high-end amplifiers for fellow music lovers. While pursuing this as a hobby in the past, I invested in our venture and provided managerial support. Furthermore, I contributed to the appearance of the devices and evaluated various materials and design options for their acoustic properties. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we remained happy and creative throughout the process.

Kostas Trovas

I am an electronics engineer, earning my degree from the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Educators at ASPETE University in Athens, Greece. With a passion for audio technology, I honed my skills by working with various audio equipment manufacturing companies, specializing in both professional and consumer-grade products. After transitioning to the field of technical education, I became a dedicated instructor, sharing my knowledge in sound engineering and audio electronics. Additionally, for over thirty years, I have carefully repaired and upgraded numerous devices produced by various high-end audio manufacturers. This extensive hands-on experience has provided me with a deep understanding of various circuit topologies, enabling me to design what I believe to be the ultimate amplifier circuit. This circuit was proven and tested for almost fifteen years and became the foundation for the hARt Lab brand, created in 2018 with Nondas and Nikos.

Nikos Fanakis

After earning my Bachelor's degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Sussex University in the UK, I pursued a Master's degree in Embedded Systems Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. This educational path paved the way for my professional career, and I consider myself fortunate enough to have been involved in various applied research projects early on. These projects covered a wide range of applications and gave me valuable knowledge in non-destructive testing. This taught me about the behavior of internal structures of materials, how energy and waves move in objects, and how they influence them. Additionally, I honed my expertise in electronics for robots that installed cables at the bottom of the ocean. I also learned how to create dependable, high-performance electronics in harsh environments, such as inside nuclear reactors. In 2018, I collaborated with Nondas and Kostas to create the hARt Lab brand. Our focus is on designing and developing innovative devices that are different from the usual ones. It's a challenging but fulfilling experience to bring such unique designs to life, especially when we prioritize high performance and exceptional user experience.