hARt Lab Superior Monoblock Tune Five

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"Our ATC has never achieved such a performance until now - it "danced" freely and happily to the beat of the music, with the densest and deepest lows and the most colorful and clear mids and trebles we've heard from it - while even the small Paradigm blew us away with his heavenly timbres and incredibly emotional interpretation of recordings, we thought we had "got" until today. Tune Five have no "me" and "look at me playing now" at all, they take the art of high fidelity to the most humble and unfathomable heights we've ever heard, which is why they're worth every last euro they're asking for."

Reviewer: HXOS PLUS

hARt Lab Reference Dual Mono Tune Three

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"hARt Lab's idea for a power amp that embraces the positive values of the tube-based circuits but the driving capacity of a MOSFET-based output stage seems to work as the company intends, clearly better than some other, rather timid, hybrid designs which seem "ashamed" for using tubes. By maintaining a mild, progressive behavior at high sound levels and -at the same time- showing some serious power potential, it is, indeed, an ideal choice if you want to drive a difficult loudspeaker without feeling that you are oppressed by a beastly semiconductor-based power stage. Tune Three is a good idea with impeccable implementation and offers a great first impression for a newcomer. Well done!"

Reviewer: Dimitris Stamatakos